Welcome to McKinney Design - The Art and Science of Interior Design

Essentially everyone knows that a well-designed interior environment is extremely important for physical and emotional well-being.  But there are aspects of interior design — elements such as balance, scale, traffic flow, color psychology, pattern mixing, space planning, state and city codes — that can be quite challenging for a busy non-designer to deal with or utilize effectively.

This is where a trained, experienced, accredited, and versatile professional interior designer can be of great value in helping you achieve your design goals.  Whether you want to create a warm, family-friendly home, a sophisticated, professional office space, or something in between, I would like to be that person for you.

McKinney Design promotes making responsible choices for the healthiness of our interiors and the sustainability of our planet.

In the Charlotte, NC area, call on McKinney Design for someone who will listen to your ideas, needs, and preferences; apply the elements of good design; and create a beautiful and functional home or office personalized to your needs.
For more information, please call at 704-425-0114 or email at  ruth.mckinney@mck-design.com.